Those Left Behind-Chapter 21 (Epilogue)


Construction on what John Stilinski liked to call ‘The New Hale House’ was completed in mid-May, just when Stiles and his band of friends were knuckling down with end-of-term papers and reviews for final exams.

The scholarly rush in no way detracted from Stiles’ plans to celebrate the new house by forcing Derek to host a massive dinner party for the Pack and all of their affiliated friends.  In order that Stiles not take on total responsibility for feeding the large brood, Derek made the occasion a pot-luck, asking that everyone bring their family-favorite dish to share.

It was the perfect occasion to bring all of the Pack families together.  Boyd’s family was officially ‘read in’ on the Werewolf situation as soon as Ethan and Aiden Bancroft left Beacon County far behind.  They took the news rather well, especially as ‘Vern’ assured them that he had not received the Bite—and likely would not unless an emergency came up.  He was a happy human who was beginning to date a Werewolf (Erica), and being part of the Pack was just another type of family for him.  Erica’s parents quickly befriended the Boyds, and they all seemed rather happy to have more close friends with which to socialize.

Also as soon as the Twins cleared the county limits, Erica removed the wolf locket and returned it to Stiles.  She was happy to not have to hide her Wolf anymore, and the rest of the Pack was relieved to be able to sense her while standing next to her.  Erica spent a lot of time standing very close to her Pack-mates, exchanging scents and basking in the happy.

John was manning the grill, with help from Vernon Boyd the Third.  It was his best contribution to the pot luck spread, and the only way to assure he got some red meat for dinner.  Mr. Boyd was not used to grilling, so he soaked in the tips from John while bragging about the delicious casserole that Boyd and Isaac collaborated on.  The Cooking Days that Stiles had implemented were really paying off.

Derek stood on the wide wrap-around porch and observed the controlled chaos with a smile.

Boyd’s younger siblings were happily playing with the Hanson kids, under Stacy’s supervision, and childish laughter rang through the yard on the far edge of the Preserve.  Dennis was talking shop with Mrs. Boyd on the floating porch swing near the mud-room door.  Stiles and Isaac were debating the possible merits of joining the track team for Junior Year instead of Lacrosse.  Boyd and Erica were discussing summer plans with Mr. and Mrs. Reyes.  The new Pack was not as large as the Pack he was raised in, but Derek was happy to have this.

There were other new developments, of course.  Once faced with Allison Argent’s imminent departure for the summer, Scott McCall had made tentative overtures to joining with Derek’s Pack.  He still wasn’t sure if he was willing and ready to submit to Derek, and Derek would not fully accept him until he was, but Scott was now seriously thinking about it.  He had, with Derek’s help, gained full control over his Wolf, and Melissa was relieved to see his progress.

The news of the Alpha Pack’s totally destruction within Hale Territory spread far and wide in the Hunter Circles, thanks in no small part to Christopher Argent’s report to Grand Matriarch Cybelle d’Argent, and several Hunter Clans had made contact with the Hale Emissary in regards to possible treaties.  Stiles was taking all of that with several grains of salt, but he had taken the opportunity to make personal contact with Madame d’Argent to speak with her directly.  He wanted assurance that Christopher would maintain a certain level of respect in the Hunter Circles, as the man had proven to be a decent ally during the whole Alpha Pack deal.  Madame was impressed with Stiles and his abilities, and put out an offer of formal training with her own Spark, Duquesne—who would make a trip to the United States for just this special opportunity.  Stiles and John were willing to give it serious consideration, but it would have to wait until school was out for summer.

Jackson Whittemore was still an absolute asshole in school.  That was not going to change anytime soon.  Now, though, when ever Jackson tried physical intimidation in the halls, Stiles would allow a slight purple spark to fly from his fingertips, and Jackson would back right off.  Lydia Martin, of course, still resented the fact that there was something going on within ‘her’ school that she didn’t know, and she still tried to pry information from Stiles whenever she could get him alone.  The fact that Allison, Lydia’s best-bestie, actively shut her down was a cause for startled contemplation, but now Lydia kept her curiosity in check and would only stare at Stiles during class.  It was very disconcerting.

A new deputy applied for the vacant position left by Michaels, and John reluctantly offered him the position after the young man admitted he felt ‘drawn to Beacon Hills’.  His name was Jordan Parrish, and he seemed like a nice enough fellow.  He had formerly been with a bomb disposal unit in the Army, and was discharged due to a blast incident.  His injury—shrapnel in the left thigh that left a limp—was enough for the Army to release him, but he could pass the physical tests for the Sheriff’s Department and had no other lingering medical issues.  John reported that his gun range scores were higher than average, but he’d not beat John’s own score with the sniper rifle.  Deputies Carter and Reid seemed to like him, and Deputy Haigh seemed not to, so that said all that was needed to be said as far as Stiles was concerned.  Haigh was an ass like Michaels was—only Haigh had never been confronted by the supernatural, so John and Stiles weren’t sure if he would freak out and ask for a transfer, too.  Some days, John was almost tempted to find out.

John had also offered a consultant job to Christopher Argent, citing the need for civilian liaisons in the law enforcement community.  The mayor agreed and the local branch of the Federal Bureau of Investigations vetted Argent thoroughly, and so Argent agreed to take the position.  It was a regular job, which meant travel was limited and he could stay home with Allison.  The arrangement suited them both very well, as it brought a stability that their small family had not had ever.

Madame d’Argent was also pleased by this arrangement since she thought it prudent to stay on the good side of such a powerful Spark as Emissary Stilinski.

Derek was also happy to be looking forward to a summertime visit from Liam Gallagher and Regina Kincaide, as they wanted to see first-hand the new home Derek had built for himself.  The Gallagher Pack would always be the oldest and strongest Ally that the Hale Pack would have, and since the Hansons came from there, Derek owed it to Liam to prove that he was taking care of his Betas to the best of his ability.  There were other traveling Betas that were looking for a stable Pack, and the Gallagher Pack was large and settled, so Liam wanted to evaluate Hale to see if any more matches might be made.


Derek had lost his entire family due to corruption and deceit.

Stiles and John were left behind by illness and death.

Stiles’ best friend abandoned him for a new girl and a new life.

John had his entire world turned upside down by the knowledge of Werewolves, Magic, and other-worldly dangers.

Together, they gathered around them others who were left behind or overlooked, and they made a new family.  They had no idea what the future might hold for them, but they knew they would be stronger together.


7 thoughts on “Those Left Behind-Chapter 21 (Epilogue)

  1. This is a brilliant story and I really enjoyed reading it. (Re-reading actually, about third or fourth time and definitely not the last!)
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Love your story. Alittle sad that its over and wanted to ask if you have any one-shots or prequels for this story.


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