Sentinel Fic

“The Sentinel”.  A moderately okay TV show about a police officer with enhanced physical senses (touch, taste, scent, sight, hearing) that helped him solve crimes and fight evil.  This has become the Little Black Dress of the fandom universe, and every fandom has one or two (or one hundred) Sentinel stories, where our favorite characters come together as Sentinel and Guide–matches made in heaven.  Sentinels are the ultimate warriors, driven by instinct to protect their tribes from outside forces, and their Guides assist by balancing their senses and keeping them grounded.


Author Notes (Sentinel Specific): Sentinels have enhanced senses and physical abilities.  Any physical or mental defect, specifically an illness or injury, can cause Dormancy in any S/G Possibilities.  Children are tested at an early age for S/G Possibilities.  Any who are listed as Latent are given the same training as the ones who test high on any of the S/G Levels.  There are Four Levels for rating for a Guide, and Six Levels for rating for a Sentinel.

Guide Levels:

1 Active Empathy—feeling emotional connections to others

2 Physical Empathy—touching someone to convey or manipulate feelings

3 Base Telepathy—mentally communicate with a partner or family member

4 Intuition—a sense of “knowing”

 Sentinel Levels:

1 Agility/Acuity—sharp movement control

2 Hearing—levels of distant hearing/low-level or high-decibel hearing

3 Touch—being able to discern fine grains of powder from rough surfaces

4 Sight—Color differentiation or long-distance sight

5 Scent—being able to discern aromas/long-distance scenting

6 Intuition—a strong sense of “knowing”; usually keeps the Tribe strong and protected



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