Teen Wolf AU

These are my Teen Wolf fictions.  This may be my favorite (for now) fandom, and I totally adore the idea of Sterek!

But while I adore the characters, I really hate how they were treated by their creator, so this archive is for my many attempts to fix the grievous error of treating these characters like trash.

Warnings: Sometimes Scott is a bad friend, so he gets smacked a lot.  I also like the idea of Peter Hale being redeemed, but not always.  Sometimes my good guys are bad guys, and vice-versa, but I always stay true to my core: The Stilinski family rocks, Stiles can be badass if he wants to, and Derek Hale needs all the love in the world.  Also–Kate is never, ever, a good guy, but I do like Chris.

The Wolf Who Cried Boy (Sentinel Fic)

When A Wolf Howls (Sentinel Sequel)

Fix-It and Begin Again

Those Left Behind

I Burned, So I Burned the World