Kingly grace and Hard introspective Abound when you are near. Sheltering those you love, Towering above adversity. Anger never touches your soul, Grows beyond your control. Innocence is your prize, Regal peace your goal. --1995 (AN: The man who inspired this, Kevin 'Khastagir' Williams, passed away only a month ago. His loss will be felt … Continue reading Knight–1995


Inward peace leads to outward kindness. Near the surface floats a Golden smile, a silently glimmering Energy radiating toward friendship. Love is your anchor, Raising you above pettiness. Indifference to hatred protects you. --1995


Dark eyes shining brightly, Ready to laugh into the night. Overcast skies reflect your spirit, Growing bright one moment, dark another. Old feelings conflict with new. --1995


Roaming through the past-- Outwards, in my mind; Barely making out the Evening wind's song. Something isn't Right in this world. Tonight, I feel the catalyst. Just when I think the worst is over, And everything will be fine, My mind will reveal the confusion Ever present--destroying my Sanity slowly, painlessly. Drops of water wake … Continue reading Comforter–1989


Childish laughter Hides the loneliness; Awful loneliness-- Drowning in love. Ask, and I'll answer, Low, Lovingly, And you will Never be alone again. Many people never find time to Chase their dreams of Gold. All around us, the Rainbows glitter through the Rain of our youth. And still the ultimate Happiness guides us on. --'Conscience' … Continue reading Conscience–1989