Seeing 2020

A new year, once again. This is a stepping place for me, I think.  I've made few Resolutions in my life, and kept even fewer, but this time I Resolve To: Write more, whether in a notebook or on my laptop.  I've stories to tell, and I don't necessarily need an audience. Get healthy.  Seriously.  I'm … Continue reading Seeing 2020

Where Death Walks

Title: Where Death Walks Fandom: Harry Potter Relationship: Severus Snape & Persephone Word Count: 3,678 Summary: After Voldemort's attack, Severus Snape was the first person on site.  Or was he?   @   @   @   It was technically not Her season.  She usually timed Her rare visits for the Springtime, but She always felt welcomed … Continue reading Where Death Walks

When A Wolf Howls

When A Wolf Howls By chimera01 Summary: When a horrible act of malicious violence brings Sentinel Stilinski and Potential Guide Hale together again, they both learn that wolves howl for many different reasons: They howl to mourn, they howl to bring the Pack together, they howl to celebrate, and the howl to hunt.     … Continue reading When A Wolf Howls

The Wolf Who Cried Boy–Teen Wolf

Fandom: Teen Wolf Rating: PG-13 Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Sheriff Stilinski, Derek Hale, Kate Argent, OMC, OFM Relationships: None Word Count: 14,487 Banner by Marlislash! Author notes:  Sentinels and Guides are known.  Werewolves are a “known secret” and keep to themselves.  Hunters exist, but follow a strict code of honour.  Argents are assholes. Author notes:  Stiles, Scott, … Continue reading The Wolf Who Cried Boy–Teen Wolf