She spied the clock on the wall, slightly tilted, and moves to it slowly. The webs of confusion bind her thoughts. Wordlessly, she straightens time, and her life falls into place. She hears them now, their laughter floating on the breeze. She feels their presence, but does not see. A friendly hand touches her shoulder, … Continue reading Illusions–1994


You can't force me to like you. You can't make me approve of your actions or words. You can't force me to ignore the hatred surging through you. You can't make me stop loving you.

Circle of Terror–1995

creeping silently through the jungle of my mind I hear the call of the darkness all around my heart there are thorns of protection growing inward to strangle my passion for the hunt and the thrill I feel while chasing you as I stalk and sneak creeping silently through the jungle of my mind.....


It's close to midnight-- the Witching Hour. Candles light our way as we travel through the corridor. Cobwebs and rats' nests bar our way. The darkness closes in on us and the mist brushes tenderly against my face like ghostly fingertips. I hear the howling of the wind in the trees outside--an eerie sound that … Continue reading Autumn–1990