A hush falls across the land as you speak to me-- --for I can hear no other. You mean the world to me. Rarely do I see you-- --often do I dream of you. Waiting for our time together seems like agony--but the pleasure I receive is well worth it. You're my heart.


Your rakish smile sends my heart aflutter. Your voice, my ears long to hear. When you are with me, all the world ceases to exist. I live to see the moon reflected in your eyes.  And to taste the honey of your lips. In your arms, a safe harbour waits for me--if only in my … Continue reading Dan–1992


You are the air that I breathe. You are the moon that turns the tides my way. You are the sun that shines on my picnic. You are the starts that guide my way. I would be lost without you. You are my love and my life-- --my one true friend.


You're torn between two worlds. Your eyes show innocence. Your smile hints at mischief. Yet you're afraid to choose either. Afraid to grow, and afraid to remain the same. If only you could start over-- Would you make the same choices?

Romance Wars–1993

Greatly do you touch my heart. Rarely does that happen. Every word you speak sings a Yearning to my soul. Without knowing, you have Originated a friendship. Long may it last. Forever may it bloom. --1993