When A Wolf Howls

When A Wolf Howls By chimera01 Summary: When a horrible act of malicious violence brings Sentinel Stilinski and Potential Guide Hale together again, they both learn that wolves howl for many different reasons: They howl to mourn, they howl to bring the Pack together, they howl to celebrate, and the howl to hunt.     … Continue reading When A Wolf Howls

The Wolf Who Cried Boy–Teen Wolf

Fandom: Teen Wolf Rating: PG-13 Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Sheriff Stilinski, Derek Hale, Kate Argent, OMC, OFM Relationships: None Word Count: 14,487 Banner by Marlislash! Author notes:  Sentinels and Guides are known.  Werewolves are a “known secret” and keep to themselves.  Hunters exist, but follow a strict code of honour.  Argents are assholes. Author notes:  Stiles, Scott, … Continue reading The Wolf Who Cried Boy–Teen Wolf

You’ve Got to be Kidding! Chapter One

  Chapter One A Brief History: Sentinels and Guides—International Uniform Legality The history of humankind has always revolved around strife and recovery. When the first tribes were created so that mankind could flourish, the struggle to survive meant more than life or death—it meant passing along a legacy and traditions, it meant passing along values … Continue reading You’ve Got to be Kidding! Chapter One