Oh! Stan!–1995

Touch, Feel, Emote, Share: what's my motivation for this --I'm sorry, this doesn't feel right -------you're an animal in the forest--GO! you must suffer for your art --you must live the part ------remember how you felt when Fido died


Breathe softly into my ear, whispering. Open my mind, my heart--show me New experiences can be fun, Dare me to life life to the fullest. Add to my burdens, lock my chains, Ground me to yourself. Energize me with your love.

Rhyme or Reason–1990

I sometimes see the rainbow reflected in the storm of your eyes. Your tenderness confines me in the power dance of lies. You speak to me so sweetly as you beg for me to five. The harsh warmth of your arms suffocates to let me live.


I feel your eyes as you look at me from across the room. I hear your breath rasp into the silence. I sense your pulse racing as you reach for me. You are passion, and you grip me tightly.   --1990

Untitled–1990 (D)

Trust in me, you said, and your hand clasped mine. Your arms encircled me and you kissed me deep and hard. You held me tightly as your emotion-- your total energy-- flowed from your body to mine. Trust in me, you said. Belong to me, you meant. Yes, I will, I replied-- forever. --1990