I Have Not Forsaken You–Stargate, et al

Title: I Have Not Forsaken You Relationship(s): Rodney McKay/John Sheppard, Rodney McKay & Madison Miller (parental) Content Rating: Mature Warnings: Family Bashing, Dark Themes, Domestic Abuse, Sexism, Discussion: Domestic Abuse, Explicit Sex Summary: Dr. M. Rodney McKay is a brilliant Physicist and Mathematician, and is recruited to work for the newly declassified Stargate Command in … Continue reading I Have Not Forsaken You–Stargate, et al

Just a Technicality

Content Rating: Mature Warnings: Mature Themes, Language, Pure Silliness, GFY Summary: They do what they have to do on First Contact Missions, just to survive and make allies. What happens when policies change on Earth?     Chapter 1 1) Lt. Col. John Sheppard sat stunned into silence as he stared at his ultimate Commanding Officer. … Continue reading Just a Technicality