“I like the way you smile,” he said
as she reached for the mustard bottle on the counter.
“Thank you,” she replied, a quizzical look-almost confused-on her pretty face.
She silently glided away from the snack bar and headed toward the table. Music blared from the speakers and people chattered like lively birds in a zoo.

At some point in our lives
we all feel the magic and
excitement of a first love.
Sweaty palms accentuate
the anxiety of wanting to
impress someone new.

He had noticed her! She suddenly felt beautiful–for the first time in her life
she felt prettier than she really was. He liked the way she smiled.
Did that make a difference?
Did your outer appearance affect you enough for people to
really like you?

Then she remembered–she had not been smiling at the counter.
She had been wearing a blank look.

He must have seen her before.


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