The Glass Butterfly–1988

Don’t cage me–I will go where I please.
Don’t display me–I perform for no one.
Don’t put me in a jar; for an innocent glass jar can suffocate and strangle even the best intentions. I will not survive under a microscope.

Don’t dissect me–I reveal myself to no one.
Don’t pin me–I will torture myself to be free.
Don’t put a lable on me; for I will belong to no one. A free spirit bust be able to fly, to be free, to live without restrictions.

Don’t misunderstand me–I am neither weak nor strong.
Don’t fear me–I can do an honest heart no harm.
Don’t be afraid to touch me; for I will not break. I need love and caring and understanding to grow, but I can survive without them.

For I am like a crystal chrysalis; a beating heart hiding behind a beautiful shell.
For I am like a glass butterfly; fragile to the scrutiny of the non-believer, but strong enough to fly free from persecution.

And I will bring happiness to the lives of those who live life with a free and unquestioning heart.


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