Thorvaldr’s Song–1996

Standing quietly on the shore,
he watches the waves roll by.

The sun is rising again–
three days gone by since
the longboats left this land.
Winter will mark his last year
as a boy, and by Spring
he will sail with the others.

It is in his blood.

It is in his future.

His passing days in his father’s
house have left him longing
for the love of the sea, the heat
of the battle, the warmth of the conquest.

He has heard the stories all.
–How the soon-to-be frozen land
gave birth to the Old Ones.
How the Lord One-Eye will call
upon men to stand with him.
How the Wild Ladies sing the glory
of the fallen heroes.
He will live that life.
–For the glory of Thunder and Fire.
–For the pride of his father’s house.

Standing quietly on the shore,
a Viking lad will dream of future glories and past victories.
The dreams of honour yet to come.

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