Not Quite Time-Travel

Recently I’ve re-worked a Sentinel story that I wrote for a Rough Trade Challenge a couple of years ago.  It’s in the Teen Wolf category, and I have an idea to do a sequel of sorts for another RT Challenge in April.

In any case, I also made a promise to myself that I’d finish my two WIPs.  One is a Harry Potter story that will either need a new title or a major re-do, because what I’ve written no longer makes sense (to me) with that title.  The other?

Well, it’s the very first fanfic that I ever wrote, also for a Rough Trade Challenge.  I guess it was Rough Trade that made me see that I could write, if only I gave myself a chance.  I’m working on that one now: A Stargate Atlantis Story built around the idea that the city, Atlantis, is sentient and very tired of being alone.

And it’s been odd, for me, to go back and see how my personal writing style has changed over the years.  I’m making major and minor changes in dialogue and exposition, and I’m enjoying reading it all again, since I haven’t actually read it since I first posted it.

It needs an ending, and I sort of wrote myself into a corner with it and had to leave it alone for a while.  “A while” turned into years, and in the meantime I wrote Teen Wolf, Hawaii Five-0, and Harry Potter stories that I am very happy with.  And now I’m back to where I started, with my very first ever story.

It’s almost like coming home.

One thought on “Not Quite Time-Travel

  1. I would love to see a sequel to Wolf who cried Boy personally – The Sentinel was the second fandom I fell into after discovering fanfic – and you did a wonderful job melding the two. I would love to see you explore that ‘verse more. I have to admit, I have never really got into any SG or SGA that wasn’t a crossover with my other personal fandoms, but a story from the point of a sentient city sounds rather fascinating and could be a lot of fun to read, especially if you wanted to play with crossovers in it. ;D


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