Twilight calls the wild wind, Whirling the leaves on the ground. Ill-fated lovers shroud themselves Nearby in the shadows. Kisses become promises, Little star, so beware-- Even you are not immune.


Just, please, see me the way I really am. Many faces wear I, Almost forgetting for a moment the True Me-- The Me I keep for special occasions. Rare find, is that Me, Ever changing, ever growing; Searching for a foothold, Eager for a rest. Touch my heart and feel-- Abound in my joy, Rejoice … Continue reading Muse–1996

Deja Vu–1996

Darkness shrouds our meeting place, Events so clear to me now. Just knowing this feeling can't last, Almost wishing it would. Vainly attempting to recall the circumstance Under which we met.


Snowflake patches in the air quilt the ground with cold. The moonlight glows cruelly through the night, lighting nothing but illuminating all. Shivering fiercly, I turn to you for cold, distant comfort.   Your ice blue hardness pierces my soul and warms my heart to a dull thaw.   Your smile frightens me.


Just once, my love, you'll hold me and I'll not want to break away. You'll whisper words of love, and I'll believe them all.   And your eyes will tell me you speak the truth, and your arms will reassure me of your devotion.   Just once, my love.