True Love–1995

Trusting, caring, loving Respecting all values, Understanding all faults Eternally, no matter what. Learning all about you, Observing your moods, Valuing our time together; Expecting nothing less from you.


The wind blows sharply through the trees as the red moon crests high in the sky. Brightly colored leaves rush around my ankles like anxious elves scampering to serve. The night sings a lonely song as winter announces its approach.


Calling softly to the night an owl breaks the silence. Wandering along, not far from home, the fawn whispers lowly-- And her doe answers with a look. The sun has set, the stars are hiding, and the clouds rule the sky. And the owl flies freely away.


Colors whirling, twisting, turning Over and over in my mind. Laughter and tears, Lauds and fears, Ageless, endless, a glowing stream Gathering speed and flowing freely-- Endless memories assault my nights.

my scot–1997

Fire and Ice ...and Dynamite-- a touch that reduces me to shivers, a kiss that could bring me to tears. Green eyes that haunt me, a smile to taunt me. A heart of gold and a soul slightly tarnished-- will shadow me all my days.