Keeping my word…

I made a promise to myself, that I would finish my WIPs. One has been finished.  At over 100,000 words, I think it's a bit of a monster, but I'm happy with it. Now I have two more to finish, and a completed story to re-work. Woo-HOO!!  Go me!!


Title:Random Author:chimera01 Fandom/Genre:Harry Potter AU, Fix-it Content Rating:Mature Warnings:Character Bashing, Discussion of Murder and Torture, Racism, Hate Crimes, Gratuitous Use of Magic Summary: A series of Random days in the life of Lily Evans Potter Author Note: This story was my entry to the Rough Trade "Call It Magic" Challenge.  It is a Fix-it Fic, … Continue reading Random

Just a Technicality

Content Rating: Mature Warnings: Mature Themes, Language, Pure Silliness, GFY Summary: They do what they have to do on First Contact Missions, just to survive and make allies. What happens when policies change on Earth?     Chapter 1 1) Lt. Col. John Sheppard sat stunned into silence as he stared at his ultimate Commanding Officer. … Continue reading Just a Technicality

A Marked Interest

Content Rating: Mature Warnings: Soul Bonds, Soul Marks, #GFY, Sexual Situations Summary: They're called Fairy Kisses, Angel Kisses, Soul Scars, Fortune Marks, Love Scars. They're also called Devil Scars and Mischief Marks. Because for every story of Two Souls mating and Forever Love, there are stories of Love Gone Wrong: of two souls finding each … Continue reading A Marked Interest

How Long…?

Warnings: Friendship, Working Relationship, Friends-to-Lovers, Unrequited Love Summary: They've heard it pretty much since they started working together: How Long Have You Been Married?  Is it just a joke, or really that obvious?   Chapter 1: Case Work Paperwork, swear to God, is the absolute worst. Everything, in triplicate, justifying anything and everything they do … Continue reading How Long…?