I Have Not Forsaken You–Stargate, et al

Title: I Have Not Forsaken You Relationship(s): Rodney McKay/John Sheppard, Rodney McKay & Madison Miller (parental) Content Rating: Mature Warnings: Family Bashing, Dark Themes, Domestic Abuse, Sexism, Discussion: Domestic Abuse, Explicit Sex Summary: Dr. M. Rodney McKay is a brilliant Physicist and Mathematician, and is recruited to work for the newly declassified Stargate Command in … Continue reading I Have Not Forsaken You–Stargate, et al

Keeping my word…

I made a promise to myself, that I would finish my WIPs. One has been finished.  At over 100,000 words, I think it's a bit of a monster, but I'm happy with it. Now I have two more to finish, and a completed story to re-work. Woo-HOO!!  Go me!!


Title:Random Author:chimera01 Fandom/Genre:Harry Potter AU, Fix-it Content Rating:Mature Warnings:Character Bashing, Discussion of Murder and Torture, Racism, Hate Crimes, Gratuitous Use of Magic Summary: A series of Random days in the life of Lily Evans Potter Author Note: This story was my entry to the Rough Trade "Call It Magic" Challenge.  It is a Fix-it Fic, … Continue reading Random